Cultural & Therapeutic

The Internet Dispensary requires no medical paperwork to register with us!

No prescription? No recommendation? No problem!

We believe that cannabis should be widely available for cultural and therapeutic use. This is a plant that has been used by humans for thousand of years, and people should have the right to decide, as adults, if they want to use such a relatively harmless substance.

We also believe that restricting access by attempting to conform to undefined 'medical' rules goes against the decisions we have seen from the Supreme Court of Canada, which has repeatedly determined that easier access is a right for those in medical need.

The problem with the current medical systems, as we see it, is twofold.

Firstly, none of the screening or medical rules that are currently in place stand up to constitutional scrutiny, as they are overly restrictive.

Secondly, while we are very aware of the power of cannabis when treating many specific illnesses and ailments, this is not clearly defined within our medical system. Cannabis is a whole plant medicine that can work in many ways. As such, there is is no true definition of 'medical cannabis', and therefore no logical way to apply screening procedures.

Cannabis is defined much more effectively as a therapeutic, curative, and holistic treatment, and not as a modern pharmaceutical medicine.

So, The Internet Dispensary will require only proof of age to sign up and shop with us. We have the desire to be transparent and honest about how and why we do things. We hope that by operating in a responsible fashion, and making it clear where we stand right from the beginning, we can show that cannabis is simply an agriculturally-produced consumer good, and should be treated as such.