Halley’s Comet Honey (50g, 2.5mg THC:2.5mg CBD) – Purely Medicinal



  • 2.5mg/g THC:2.5mg/g CBD
  • 50g, 125mg THC:125mg CBD Pasteurized Honey per jar

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Infused honey is honey that has had cannabinoids blended to specific ratios in such a way that allows them to remain equally suspended throughout the infusion. Purely Medicinal offers a THC Honey, CBD Honey, and a Halley’s Comet Honey. Infused Honey can be added to tea, added as an ingredient for food preparation, or used as a topping. Infused honey is most beneficial where masking the taste of cannabinoids is preferred.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Honey, Cannabis Extract.

Warning: Keep away from children and pets. Do not refrigerate, crystallization may occur.


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