2.5mg CBD Capsule (EPF, Enhanced Protein Formula) – Purely Medicinal

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  • 2.5mg CBD per capsule
  • 60 capsules per bottle


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EPF is formulated with hemp protein and contains 2.5mg of CBD. EPF 2.5 can be used as a daily supplement to maintain a consistent low level of CDB in your diet. This supplement is intended for individuals a form of preventative maintenance through low dose. Patients may take 1 – 3 caps per day with a full glass of water.

Minimum to no side effects.  If taking more than one capsule per day, spread out the dosage throughout the day to maintain the CBD levels in your system.

Ingredients: Hemp Protein, 2.5mg CBD

*Always consult a physician before starting a new supplement and start with one capsule to establish a baseline.