GeoBowl – Bio-degradable pipe

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  • Recyclable
  • Bio-degradable


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The GeoBowl was created out of the need for a pipe that delivered heavy hits on a hiking trail where glass would not be allowed and papers were not the best option. The GeoBowl is great for on-the-go smoking, where you don’t want to bring glass and may not have the desire to bring the pipe back with you. Perfect for golf, hiking, backpacking, concerts and travel, the GeoBowl fits in your pocket, pops out to be packed and delivers a stupefying steamroller hit. Repack the GeoBowl 20-30 plus times, and once it’s spent, toss it in the trash where it will be broken down in a matter of months


For Instructions on how to use the GeoBowl please click/watch the link below:


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