R-5 Kief (1g)



  • 1g per container

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 Strain: R-5 is an indica dominant hybrid. It’s an interesting blend of Rockstar and Purple Kush.
 The Prince of weed. This is one of those spontaneous trips you don’t want to miss.
Clear and uplifting.

Kief: Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis that is effectively made by removing the trichomes from the cannabis flowers. Trichromes are the shiny, crystal-like balls that form on the leaves of the cannabis plant, and these crystals contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids compared to any other part of the cannabis plant. By removing these glands from the actual plant material, what you are left with is much stronger than buds.

How to Smoke: Mix this with your cannabis and sprinkle in your joints, pipe and/or bong for a more potent high.