Space Bear – Calm


This product does not contain any THC or CBD

Each bottle contains approximately 10 drops. 1 drop is needed per use.

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A very unique and remarkable terpene, beta-Caryophyllene is present in Calm. This terpene gives Calm an unmistakeable taste. Not only is the undertone of cloves and black pepper very relaxing it is also invigorating without being stimulating. Calm pairs perfectly with any strain as it doesn’t dull the effects, but rather mellows them out.

The Space Bear Company is a craft cannabis distillery, producing the finest quality terpenes sourced from organic, sustainable sun-grown cannabis farms. Space Bear is owned and operated by people passionate for cannabis. In the same way that cannabis compliments and enhances our lives, Space Bear terpenes compliments and enhances cannabis.

Our mission is to support the community and those within it that are leading the way, following their passions. Whether it be sports, art or music, its undeniable the influence that this healing herb has on creativity and innovation. Space Bear is about challenging ourselves and supporting one another to bring about positive change in the world around us. Don’t settle for the status quo, Get Higher in all you do.