THC Distillate (1ml, 88-92% THC) – Tetra



  • 1 ml per syringe
  • 88%-92% – THC
  • 1%-2% – CBD

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Distillate: THC distillate made from cannabis or hemp is fast becoming a household medical & recreational marijuana product. There has been plenty of research on the subject, and most of the research is angled at finding out whether this new found food supplement is beneficial or detrimental for the general public. Despite the fact that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is extracted from Marijuana, the distillation process uses a wiped film evaporator to also remove lipids, solvents and any other impurities, leaving you with a clear THC distillate. Read more about the health benefits and affects like pain relief, digestion and cancer treatment here,

Directions: Edible or Dab. Please note that edibles have a delayed time of effect and effects can last much longer than smoking. Use caution when ingesting and don’t keep eating more as it can take up to an hour to feel the full effects of an edible.

Keep out of reach of children and please do not operate heavy machinery or drive while under the influence.