Shipping Information

Free shipping on all orders over $150! Flat rate of $10 shipping for all other orders.

Orders are processed and shipped Monday to Friday from Vancouver Island, BC, our team can complete most within 24 hrs of payment being received. With the Xpress Post shipping speed method through Canada Post we must apply manual tracking numbers to all orders. We receive these tracking numbers somewhat differently depending on whether your items are being sent in a box or cardboard envelope. These can take a bit longer to receive if your order is in a box, whereas the cardboard envelopes come with a number already assigned to them which we can provide you with as soon as an order has been completed.

You may notice your order still reads as “processing”, this means our team is still working on putting it together, or we have handed it over to CP but are still waiting to receive the confirmed tracking number for the parcel. If you’re worried that order is still “processing” or want more information, you can email our customer service representatives directly as
Once we’ve handed an order over to Canada Post they’ve indicated it should take them approximately 24 hrs to input & update the information associated with your specific tracking number, although we have found them to some times take a bit longer. During that waiting period, if checking your tracking number online it will be normal to receive the following notification:

"Unfortunately, the number you entered is not in our tracking system.
You entered a valid number, but we are not able to show the tracking information for one of the following reasons:

  • The item is in transit, but we haven't yet received it from the sender
  • The item is coming from another country and is not in Canada yet. Track it on the postal website of the originating country first.
  • The item was shipped more than a year ago
  • The sender chose a service that doesn't include tracking

Please note that this is the most up-to-date information available in our system. Our customer service representatives have access to the same information presented here. If a tracking number is not in our system, our customer service representatives are not able to provide any further details."


This does not mean that your parcel isn’t valid, or remains in BC. Our previous experience with this method of tracking has been that most patients receive their updated tracking online and the order is delivered shortly after since it was in transit the entire time . The parcels will still make it to their intended destination, however, there may simply be a delay in receiving your tracking info.

(NOTE: at rare times things out of our control may happen which can delay deliveries. In these cases we will be sure to be in contact immediately to work on a timely solution!)

Wondering about the status of your current order? Just check out the MY ACCOUNT page, where you will find the status of all of your previous orders made. You can also you find tracking numbers there for any packages out for delivery!